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Pulmonary Function Testing

The Asthma & Respiratory Center of South Dayton, under the direction of Fred A. Wagshul, M.D., Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratory. The assessments of pulmonary function and the degree of impairment are essential components of clinical evaluation in any patient who complains of respiratory symptoms. Conditions suitable for referral to the Pulmonary

Diagnostic Laboratory include:

  • COPD
  • Presurgical Evaluation
  • Dyspnea on Exertion
  • Chronic Cough
  • Screening for Occupational Hazards

Pulmonary Function Tests are helpful in diagnosing various respiratory disease states. The progression of disease and the effectiveness of treatments can be followed with regularly scheduled testing.

These tests can also assess preoperative risks. Test results will be faxed to your doctors office within two days.

Fred A. Wagshul, M.D.

Dr. Wagshul completed his internship and residency in 1984 at Perth Amboy Hospital, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. He spent two years at Norwalk Hospital, Yale University School of Medicine, completing a pulmonary fellowship.

Dr. Wagshul has a clinical appointment to Wright State University School of Medicine. He has been elected into the Alpha-Omega-Alpha Honor Society at Wright State University School of Medicine.

Dr. Wagshul's areas of special interest include: pulmonary function testing, sleep evaluation, atypical bronchitis, and lung cancer.

Dr. Wagshul is a member of the American College of Chest Physicians, the Ohio State Medical Association, and the Montgomery County Medical Society. Dr. Wagshul has been in private practice in South Dayton since his fellowship in 1986.

Understanding the Root of the Problem

Late-Onset Asthma Usually Caused by Infection

If you were in good health and suddenly developed coughing and wheezing and you went to the doctor, the odds are overwhelming that you would be diagnosed with an infection called Bronchitis and given antibiotics. However, if the antibiotics did not clear up your cough in a week or two, your doctor would then probably diagnose late-onset asthma, tell you that you are allergic and send you to an allergist. Your allergist, or chest specialist would then prescribe either Cortisone pills or inhalers and you would get better, but you would not be cured, and the odds are that you would spend the rest of your life with an incurable disease called late-onset asthma. Chances are that, over time, your asthma would worsen and you would end up taking cortisone-type pills and probably die prematurely with your disease.

Late-onset asthma is usually not caused by allergies and cannot be improved by taking allergy shots. Richard Martin of the National Jewish Hospital in Denver reports that he has successfully treated symptoms in people diagnosed with late-onset asthma and who grew mycoplasma or chlamydia out of their lungs. This is very exciting, but until recently, asthma that develops after puberty has been considered an incurable disease. Fifty-five subjects with chronic, stable asthma had PCR cultures for chlamydia and mycoplasma, 31 out of the 55 grew chlamydia and mycoplasma from their lungs and these people were treated with clarithromycin, 500 twice a day for 6 weeks. The vast majority improved by every measurable variable.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed articles showing that asthma that starts after puberty can be caused by an infection. Mycoplasma, chlamydia and ureaplasma are bacteria that are unique because they live inside of cells and are extraordinarily difficult to grow in culture media in the Laboratory and therefore are extremely difficult to find with routine culture techniques.

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